BRAND MENTOR is a strategy and brand management agency. We transform and improve brands in a way that they touch upon people’s lives.

As BRAND MENTOR we analyze the behavior and expectations of your customers and develop strategies accordingly. We build your new strategy on solid bases valued by your brand and customers.

With the strategies it develops, BRAND MENTOR provides a strong interaction between your brand and customers, and enables you to have an efficient experience.

With the experiences we create both on online and offline platforms, we help you express your brand in the best way possible via a multi-platform strategy.

In short, we look forward to being beneficial to you!

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Brand Mentor’s Way

We analyse your brand and competitors, and create the right strategies.
We have 3 Steps.



We start off by understanding your business and your industry, so that your marketing strategy and your work are compatible.


We determine which media you'll use in which period and set your marketing plan and budget.


There is not a marketing plan without optimization. We place emphasis on optimization, competitor analysis and intelligences to increase the performance of our strategy.

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